2022 Government Budget

portuguese government

An investment friendly budget, aimed at the middle classes, which pays special attention to young people, which gives priority to families with children and takes care of the future.

Creativity: Clara Amarela Films
Direction: Ricardo Figueiredo (ZOF)
Dop: João Carneiro (ZOF)
Direction Assist.: Milene Carvalho
Audio: Catarina Silva
Stylist: Mónica Reis de Castro
Makeup: Diana Pinto Correia
Henrique Gomes as “Narrator”
Tiago Cruz as “João”
Inês de Castro as “Inês”
Edilton Barreto as “Tiago”
Cecília Coutinho as “Paula”
VFX: Pedro Figueiredo and Milene Carvalho
Composit: Pedro Figueiredo and Milene Carvalho
Post-Production: Pedro Figueiredo, Milene Carvalho and Paulo Lopes
Audio Post-Production: Catarina Silva
Production: Débora Esteves and Maria Valverde