Parque dos Poetas

C.M Oeiras

In the year that celebrates the 20th anniversary of Parque dos Poetas, Oeiras pays tribute to this space that is a tribute to the Portuguese language. Inspired by the dream, this work was born that celebrates the words, art, beauty, love, happiness and anguish that make up the most beautiful poem that exists: life.

Creativity: Clara Amarela Films
Director: Ricardo Clara Couto
Production: Luís Hipólito e Maria Valverde
DOP: Edgar Esteves (ZOF)
Drone Operator: Bernardo Coelho (ZOF)
1st Image Assistant: Francisco Fernandes (ZOF)
Audio Op: Catarina Silva
Make Up and Hair: Diana Pinto Coelho
Post Production: Ricardo Clara Couto
Performers: Paulo Lopes, Alexandra Sancho, Maria Vaz, Benedita Couto, Clara Couto, Denísio Domingos, Carla Madeira, Juliann Bonnin, Mariana Teixeira
Voice Off: Cláudia Semedo

With: Cláudia Semedo

Client: Câmara Municipal de Oeiras