Cláudio Torres Arqueologia de uma vida

Documentary / Cláudio Torres

Arqueologia de uma vida

Claudio Torres’s life is a true “archeological territory”. We went to discover the various aspects of a complex and full life like yours. The history of exiled man and unshakable convictions characterizing the social and political profile of the decades in which he lived.



The story of the archeologist, tireless worker with a different and revolutionary vision. Finally, the love story that unites all these aspects and consolidates itself in the foundation of all the adventures and misadventures: life with Manuela Torres, his usual companion.

1st, 2nd and 3rd Episode


Portugal, 1984. On a southern road, Claudio Torres and Serrão Martins, mayor of Mértola, make the first kilometers of a journey that would forever change the life and future of the remote village of Alentejo. But the truth is that this extraordinary journey begins many years earlier when a young student, grandson of a monarch and son of a communist, internalizes the values and principles of conduct that would shape his future. From then on, your life will be marked by uncompromising verticality, a priceless appreciation for the truth, and an untamed will to live up to the ideals he espouse.

They lead him to clandestine militancy in the Aveiro cell of the Communist Party, to subversive activities on the streets and to the Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto, to prison, to torture, to resistance without breaking. Beside her, we find Manuela Barros Ferreira, narrator of this story and privileged witness of the fight that her husband fought against a backward, repressive and authoritarian regime.


Director: Ricardo Clara Couto
Author and Script: Ricardo Clara Couto e Nuno Costa Santos

Nuno Costa Santos e Fátima Morais

Research: Fátima Morais e Ricardo Clara Couto

Executive Director: Mónica Reis de Castro

Production Directors: Mafalda Amâncio e Sofia Vieira Dias
Production: Karine Silva, Raquel Almeida, Filipa Lima Félix, Mariana Guarda e Marisa Braz

Wardrobe: Maria Inês Maranhão, Karine Silva, Mariana Guarda

Photography: Vítor Estudante
Assistant Camera: Carlos Góis, João Apolinário e Joana Malaquias
Art Direction: Ana Bossa, Marta Viana

Audio: Tito Pires, João Senhorinho, João Ferreira, Hugo Martins e Quintino Bastos

Actors Direction: Simon Frankel

Edition: Paulo Marques, Joana Lança de Morais, Ricardo Clara Couto e Joana Malaquias

Color EffectsPaulo Marques e Ricardo Clara Couto

Soundtrack: Devagar – Ornatos Violeta
Original Music: Pedro Code

Audio Post-Production: Digital Azul
Sound Design: Digital Azul

Make-up: Marta Ribeiro e Diana Pinto Correia

Voice-over: Manuela Barros Ferreira e Joana Sapinho

Simon Frankel | Cláudio Torres
Daniela Serra | Manuela Barros Ferreira
Liliana Leite | Maria Helena Vidal
Eduardo Frazão | Fernando Vasconcelos
Diogo Andrade | Valdemar
Luís Coelho | Marco
Miguel Lopes Rodrigues | Cabo do Mar
Rafael Costa | Pide
David Guedes | Pide
João Manuel Pinho | Pide
Jafar | Pide
Filipe Santos | Pide
Miguel Rebelo | Pide
Gonçalo Lello | Humberto Delgado
José Leite | Valadas
Daniel Barros | Hermínio
Jorge Fernandes | Pai de Cláudio Torre
Carolina Abrantes | Mãe de Cláudio Torres
Fernando Cabral | Amílcar Cabral
Fábio Batista | Inspetor Cunha
Alice Coelho | Aluna de Belas Artes
Leonor Alecrim | Aluna de Belas Artes
Beatriz Costa | Cliente da Tasca
João Apolinário | Barman
Sofia Vieira Dias | Cliente do Café Clandestino
Clara Helena Couto | Nádia Torres
Maria Benedita Couto | Rossana Torres