Credit Puzzle

Bank BNI Europe

BNI Europa Bank launches a creative campaign by Mustard agency and Clara Amarela production for consumers seeking independence. With the new PUZZLE credit, we can travel everywhere and pay as if we were in Portugal! A brand that speaks the same language and “fits” the lives of its customers.​


South America

At a small souvenir stand in South America, an Indian speaks in his dialect.

Street Food


At night, a street food stand in Bangkok’s Khao San, a merchant offers to taste local cuisine.



In a typical Arab tea house, a Tuareg invites to try shisha.

Client: Credit Puzzle
Agency: Mustard
Direction: Ricardo Clara Couto
1º Image Assist.: Carlos Góis
Production: Clara Amarela Films
Production Assist.: Luís Hipólito
Audio: Hugo Martins
Props: Ri.Set Decor Design
Makeup: Diana Pinto Correia
Motion Graphics: Clara Amarela Films
Actor: João Correia (Models Factory); David Qiu; Gonçalo Fialho
Brand Voice: Digital Azul e Diana Nicolau