Rui Knopfli


Documentary by Ricardo Clara Couto and Nuno Costa Santos about Rui Knopfli, a decisive author of the Portuguese language.

I Am Really the Underground

A documentary about Rui Knopfli, a decisive author of the Portuguese language, born in Mozambique, who for years suffered the oblivion dedicated to whom it is difficult to situate. In nationality, in culture, in life.

A poet from the “Country of the Others”, as he said in his first book, who was also another, someone who was said to be European but who felt African.

A film that combines images from the author’s rich archive, made up of photographs taken by him, testimonials from family, friends, writers and literary critics, and recreations of his spaces of creative intimacy in search of a non-conformist and unclassifiable poet, with a difficult temperament and a generous tenderness.

After having signed films about José-Augusto França and Cláudio Torres, the duo Ricardo Clara Couto and Nuno Costa Santos celebrates once again a major figure of culture.


A film by
Nuno Costa Santos
Ricardo Clara Couto

Nuno Costa Santos


Maria João Knopfli
Susana Knopfli
Eugénio Lisboa
Francisco José Viegas
João Vilhena
Luís Carlos Patraquim
Pedro Mexia
Vasco Rosa

Ricardo Clara Couto

Luís Hipólito
Joana Barros
Maria Valverde

Ricardo Clara Couto

Catarina Silva

João Carneiro

1st Image Assistant
Pedro Gouveia

Camera Operator
Carlos Costa

Audio Post Production
Ricardo Reis