Isabel Meyrelles


Documentary by Ricardo Clara Couto, co-authored with Cristina Margato, about Isabel Meyrelles, one of the first surrealist women in Portugal.

O Dragão Que Fuma

Sculptor, poet and translator, Isabel Meyrelles arrived in Lisbon in 1949 to study sculpture. The young woman, who smoked a pipe and went to the barber to get her hair cut, began a tour of Lisbon’s cafés, where women only entered to pick up their husbands, attending, as she says, surrealist and neo-realist groups. Being different didn’t bother her, insofar as freedom was acquired at birth.

At the age of 93, she continues to work in her atelier in Paris. She enchants herself with words, clay, fairies, and elves.


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Cristina Margato
Ricardo Clara Couto

Written and Directed by
Ricardo Clara Couto

Isabel Meyrelles
Artur Cruzeiro Seixas
Mário Cesariny
Sofia Pessoa Pádua
Mariana Bastos

Interpretation of Poems
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Ricardo Clara Couto

Cristina Margato

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Isabel Meyrelles
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The aerial girl with his silver moon – Ricardo Reis
Fairy dust tree – Ricardo Reis
Liberté – Ricardo Reis
Last crying page – Ricardo Reis
Out of reach – Ricardo Reis
The last page of the book – Ricardo Reis 

Literary references
Em voz baixa – Isabel Meyrelles
Le livre du tigre – Isabel Meirelles
O rosto do deserto – Isabel Meyrelles
Palavras noturnas – Isabel Meyrelles
A cidade queimada – Mário Cesariny
Credo – Natália Correia