Documentary / José-Augusto França

liberdade cor de homem

A documentary that seeks to answer a question about the most important Portuguese figure in the History of Art of the 20th Century: Who is the enigma José-Augusto França? The teacher and writer is his vast work, the courses he created and the disciples he left?


José-Augusto França is the subversive figure who was part of the Surrealist Group of Lisbon, admirer of Charles Chaplin and Alexandre O ́Neill, an inhabitant of Jarzé, a small village in France, despite his permanent love affair with Lisbon. A factologist and author of novels.

Signed by Ricardo Clara Couto and Nuno Costa Santos (authors of documentaries about personalities such as the archeologist Cláudio Torres and the architects Ruy d ́Athouguia and João Archer de Carvalho) and produced by Clara Amarela Films, this documentary is an incursion into the life and work of the author, based in a long and rare interview and testimonials from closed friends of him. The documentary also has a series of animations that pay homage to José-Augusto França, with the creativity and freedom mentioned in the title, a famous expression authored by surrealist leader André Breton.

Technical File

Direction: Ricardo Clara Couto

Script and Interviews: Nuno Costa Santos

Nuno Costa Santos
Ricardo Clara Couto
Fátima Morais
Luís Hipólito

José-Augusto França
Ruy de Carvalho
Ana Tostões
Cristina Azevedo Tavares
Duarte Azinheira
Ernesto Rodrigues
Maria Antonia Oliveira
Pedro Soares
Patricia Romão
Raquel Henriques da Silva

Executive Production: Mónica Castro Couto

Production Direction: Mafalda Amâncio

Head of Production: Luís Hipólito

Photography: Bruno Soares

Camera 1st Assistant: Carlos Góis

Camera Assistants:
João Apolinário
Joana Malaquias

João Senhorinho
Pedro Freitas
Hugo Martins

Editing Assistant: Alice Aires
Editing: Ricardo Campos

Grading and Color Effects: Álvaro Reis

Pos-Production Video: Ricardo Campos

Pos-Production Audio: Le Bastard

Motion Team Coordination: Milene Carvalho

StopMotion Script: Ricardo Clara Couto

Visual Creation and Conception:
Ricardo Clara Couto
Milene Carvalho

Motion Artists:
Milene Carvalho
Renato Castro

3D Artists:
Milene Carvalho
Ricardo Clara Couto
Tiago Vieira

Final Composit: Milene Carvalho

Pos-Production: Milene Carvalho

Art and StopMotion Direction: Ana Bossa

Story Board: Rui Lacas

StopMotion Photography Direction: Vitor Estudante

Animation: Rita Almeida

Art Conceptual StopMotion:
Ana Bossa
Rui Lacas

Motion Control: Vitor Estudante

Backdrop’s and Props Construction for Stopmotion Team:
Ana Bossa
Marta Viana
Paula Custódio
Gonçalo Marques
Janaína Drummond 

Puppets for Stopmotion Creative Team:
Ana Bossa
Paula Custódio

Original Soudtrack: Nelson do Nascimento