Virtual Christmas Party


The digital events are increasingly gaining strength in the audiovisual area, and to respond to the needs of the most varied companies, Clara Amarela Films constantly challenges itself to achieve goals and satisfy desires. Together with MUD.Events, the concept of Digital Christmas was created. It
consisted of 4 days in the studio and more than 130 people in different teams putting together an idea through brainstorming. Content was produced for the whole family, from the youngest to the oldest. From the chroma background to the screen, we presented solutions, created and deposited all our creativity in this event.


Agency – MUD.Events
Director – Ricardo Clara Couto
Executive Producer – Mónica Reis de Castro
Production Director – Mafalda Amâncio
Assistant Director- Luís Hipólito
Production Assistant – Maria Valverde
Motion Artist – Milene Carvalho and Paulo Lopes
1st Image Assistant – Daniel Nicolau
2nd Image Assistant – Bernardo Castel-Branco
Pos-Production Audio – Catarina Silva